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The Key to a Great Image

The key to a good pastel portrait is to have a good photograph to work from, here are a few tips to help you take a great shot.

A close up shot works best, if the subject is in the distance I won't be able to see the detail so make sure you fill the viewfinder with your subject.  Lighting is also very important as images that are too dark or over exposed make it very difficult to see all those little details, photos taken outdoors generally work best. The best light to take the photo is a bright day but with cloud cover so that the sun doesn't over expose your pet causing harsh shadows which will mask vital detail and always try to have the light source behind you. Don't use the flash on your camera, as it will cause 'red eye'/'green eye'and will make it difficult to pick out all the lovely colours and reflections within the eye. It is always best to take the shot at eye level so it might mean getting down on your hands and knees with your pet. A photo taken from a standing position, looking down on the subject can cause distorted perspective, making the head appear large and the legs short. Take the shot when your pet is calm, an action shot will not show enough detail and will most likely be out of focus and if possible try to take a photo that is slightly side on, having a rattle/whistle or something close by to make a silly noise could help get your pet to tilt the head which always looks nice. Make sure the image you send is of a high resolution. If you can zoom in to your image and still see the detail relatively clearly then the resolution should be fine. Here are a couple of examples of good images.

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